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Customers Benefit When You Live Your Purpose

A homeless person on the side of the road. A neglected or abused child. People forced to drink dirty water.

 What thoughts do these images conjure?

For many, these issues are often best dealt with by pushing them away. But, go a little deeper, pay closer attention to those initial feelings, and many will think, “Is there a way I can help?”

Customers and prospective clients are no different. People are naturally wired for good, possessing attributes of love, kindness and generosity. It is a universal human trait to be aware of our natural wiring and our potential for living purposefully in the world.

 In a 2018 survey, 90 percent of businesses indicated that partnering with nonprofit organizations enhanced their brand. Of those businesses, 89 percent believed partnering leveraged their ability to improve the community.

 Most companies, though, have no comprehensive strategy for leveraging charitable giving to improve employee retention, lead generation and customer loyalty.  

1.     Live your aspirations, so customers can live theirs

Most people want to live their values as a normal part of their everyday vocation. While developing leads or furthering customer loyalty after a transaction, talking about purpose and values is an excellent way to build trust. Don’t be afraid to ask customers what causes they like to support, and why. Whether you are asking for someone’s business or saying thank you for the opportunity to serve, both are great times to build relationships.

2.     Build a relationship based on shared concerns

In any relationship it is important to share commonalities. Most people have issues they care about: homelessness, veterans’ causes or human trafficking. To keep a client for life, become an advocate for doing good. Share a personal story that resonates with clients, like something good happening in the community you support. Let customers know that, because they did business with you, more people in need will receive support.

3.     Partner with clients to do good

Clients keep businesses running. Without them, companies have nothing to give away, nobody to partner with and no concerns to satisfy. Allow them to vote on where a company’s charitable donations will be directed. Since a clients’ business enables the charitable giving, honor them. Be sure to let them know the partnership makes a difference to people in need. By building a relationship based on mutual concern, it not only generates talking points to use when calling clients, but it also initiates a dialogue in which clients will likely call to say thank you. They will know your phone number, and will remember your name.

No act of generosity or kindness is too small. Lots of people making the world a better place in small ways makes a big difference. It leads to fulfillment in a meaningful life.

World Changers helps individuals and companies grow profitability with generosity. Visit us at to learn more.

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