How it Works

World Changers partners with various industries that are generous, trustworthy and other-centered.

World Changers is a managed-service platform, designed to build trust and loyalty.

Our World Changers scoreboard tracks the positive community outcomes in the partnership between the company, customers, employees, referrals, etc. Your customer’s comments are posted, positively connecting with their selections.



  1. Your company chooses charitable categories and charities.

  2. Contribution goes into the World Changer Foundation where amount and time parameters are set

  3. Videos, blogs, articles, and social media are set to align with charitable categories

Email Interaction

  1. Your customers, prospects, and referral partners enter the World Changer journey

  2. Each quarter, a new cause cycle begins: new round of voting, new story, and new interactions

Visible Expression

  1. A dynamic expression of your company’s generosity on your website’s World Changer landing page:

    1. Automated scoreboard

    2. Updated comments section


What We Do

  • Customer Email Journeys

  • World Changers Web Page

  • Updated Score Board

  • Managed and Updated Comments Section

  • Customized Video Stories

  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • Facebook Posts

  • Instagram posts

  • Podcast interviews

World Changers Packages