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The Platform

The World Changers platform combines three products that build long term relationships with your customers by putting them at the center of your giving story. Customer interaction, customer retention, and helpful insights give you the additional tools needed to stay top of mind with your customers.
Generosity Journey


Hub is the center for your public-facing generosity story. Because World Changers engages your customers on a monthly basis directing traffic to Hub, you gain increased visibility, retention, and brand loyalty.
HuB Header
Your Hub will be branded specifically to your company. The header features your company logo and a video showing the great work our partnered charities are able to accomplished with the help of your charitable dollars and your customer's selections.
HUB Body
The components of the Hub include your generosity rating, company description, customer sentiments, and scoreboard. 
Customer sentiments run through an approval process before displaying on the Hub.
The automated scoreboard shows the positive charitable impact you are making because of your customer's choices.
Additional Features
  • Embeddable in most CMS

  • Mobile-responsive

  • Secure

  • Worldchanger-maintained

(No ongoing code or data maintenance required)

Generosity Journey

Generosity Journey

Interaction with your customers isn't just a one-time occurrence. Through marketing automation, Generosity Journey   keeps your brand top of mind by sending three emails on a quarterly basis based on your customer’s behavior.

Every Generosity Journey touchpoint lets your customers know how you are making an impact in the community while driving traffic to your Hub.

Each quarter, your page will display new comments from your customers and the impact you’ve made with your charitable dollars.


In their first Generosity Journey interaction, your customers choose where they want to see your contribution directed.


Email content brings attention to your Hub.


Your customers are sent video stories based on their cause selection that show how organizations are using your charitable dollars to save people from suffering.



​A custom quarterly report is generated just for you.
World Changers keeps you informed about the progress you make with your customers. Providing you transparent data is key to continuing meaningful relationships with your customers and making positive changes.
Email Analytics

Generosity Journey analytics are displayed and compared to industry averages. World Changer's insights are included.

Cause Affinity

Customer's reasons for selecting a certain charitable category will be listed.

Cause Selection

Your 4 chosen charitable causes are distributed as a pie chart showing the number of votes for the quarter. World Changer's insights are included.

Customer Sentiments

Customers who chose to write their experience with your company will be listed along with their sentiments.

Getting started

First, choose a service level to get started and speak to a World Changers representative. We have three levels to choose from ranging from a QuickStart option, to a fully customized platform.
EPICPAY_Small_Meals (1).png
EPICPAY_Small_CleanWater (1).png
EPICPAY_Small_Homeless (1).png
EPICPAY_Small_SafeNights (1).png

Choose four charitable causes as choices for your contacts to direct funds to each quarter.

Choose a quarterly contribution that is distributed based on customer cause choices from the quarter.

We'll set up your Hub and Generosity Journey, and provide you with a free onboarding session.

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