We believe it’s altruistic to maximize return on your generosity.

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Who We Are

World Changers is a generosity agency. We combine our proprietary platform with powerful storytelling that puts customers at the center of the narrative, while aligning your brand’s social interests with those of your patrons. The result grows customer’s trust and loyalty with increased revenue back to the company.


We engage your community of customers, employees, referral partners, and suppliers by including them in your generosity. This leads to greater loyalty and prosperity, which results in more generosity. World Changers’ mission is to help companies build brand loyalty that increases repeat business through a marketing strategy centered on one thing: Generosity.

The ability to give more and have that generosity become your most effective marketing spend may seem like a bit of a dream. Turn the dream into a reality.


We help companies succeed by making customers the source of generosity, creating a marriage of the values that matter most to the customer and to the company. Building a “procott” culture fuels loyalty that ends with your customers coming back to purchase additional products or services.

Using generosity as a tool, we create an upward generosity spiral that allows companies to –


01. Make Generosity an Asset

Place the source of generosity, your customer, at the center of the giving story

02. Grow Trust, Loyalty and Revenue

Tie your customer’s purchasing behavior to meeting needs they value

03. Increase Charitable Budget

Align your company’s giving with your customer’s concerns for those in need


“Companies who value generosity have a license to lead.”

Martin barrett  |  Co-Founder



World Changers has helped companies partner with their customers to actively support community causes for the past two years. The World Changers model helps companies thank their customers for their loyalty and continued patronage by investing in their priority causes. This sets the stage for continued dialogue that grows the trust relationship and fulfills the desire in each of us to live generous lives.

The principle of building loyalty through generosity is clear and proven, however a sustainable platform to convert generosity into corporate prosperity didn’t exist.

Which is why World Changers built a highly scalable platform that will support more than 100,000+ companies. This platform allows companies and their customers to create a personalized journey around causes that matter to them.


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